October 06, 2011


Awake Cereals is a very important part in my life journey. My expectations of launching a website was that everything had to be 'perfect'. Thank heavens for Pragati insisting we launch and changes can be made on a regular basis.  We are evolving and growing each day and look forward to your input. We are open for business and keeping you stocked up with your Omega Grains and High Fiber Buds.

If this website could become just another day at the Farmer's Market I would be over the top happy.  I learned so much from each of my customers and look forward to keep chatting online or at new markets.

The Sherwood Park Farmer's Market has moved inside at the Salisbury Greenhouse, heaven, cozy and warm...

I am looking forward to seeing my regular customers and new customers in this tropical market.  This was my first night indoors and I love it.  It feels like I am in a jungle but have freshly baked pies, bread, vegetables and delicious foods all around.

Another successful High Fiber Bud production run accomplished!

The Saskatoon Food Center has an amazing team of professionals and scientists who have helped me develop the Gluten Free High Fiber Bud.  Little did I know I would go through 200 pounds of High Fiber Buds this summer with the Farmer's Markets. 

Meet Matthew who is in charge of mixing the ingredients and operating the extruder.  He is bored when it all runs so well and I am happy he is bored as that means the production is moving along nicely with no stress on my part.  Thank you Matthew!

Here are the little High Fiber Buds jumping out of the extruder onto the conveyor belt and into the oven for baking and drying.  It smells like hot popping corn and I said we should sell it right from the machine in pop corn bags...'Hot High Fiber Buds, come and get them'...

Here is Shannon the Senior Food Scientist and Manager of the Extrusion Program. Shannon is making sure the buds are perfectly baked and cooled. Thank you Shannon.

There are more talented people who help me and next time I will highlight their involvement.

 As many of you know I am about healthy digestive systems all running smoothly and regularly.  This subject is still a little taboo until you come over and chat with me and we end up sharing stories, laughs and then realizing we are talking about a normal body function which is about 'elimination and rejuvenation'..

I welcome your inquiries to purchasing both Omega Grains and the High Fiber Buds.

You are the only one who can be a keeper of your body, so take the time and time will be on your side when it comes to good living. Let's talk about healthy living and please share your stories.

Chat again soon.