Customer stories

November 03, 2011

Customer stories

Reporting from the Farmer's Markets

 I love the stories. 

One woman reports her daughter who is celiac absolutely loves the High Fiber Buds and her tummy loves them as well. She even takes them to school as a snack.  This woman purchases 2 bags at a time.

One nurse purchases a case of the High Fiber Buds at a time to pass out to friends and never has to worry about running out.  She says to me "I am addicted to the Buds", please never stop making them.

One swim coach reports the blend in the Omega Grains is perfect for his athletes and he is so excited to see this 'real' product available.

My regular guy, a master stair climber is happy to share with me how he enjoys the High Fiber Buds.  'I use chocolate Soy Nice and all of a sudden the High Fiber Buds are ridiculously great!

A woman comes right up to my table and declares I need more Omega Grains and High Fiber Buds just to keep making the Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal cookies for my family.  They love the cookies!

Thursday night, another Salisbury Greenhouse Market

I look forward to the blend of the warm inviting Greenhouse which already has a festive Christmas feeling, the family of vendors, the aroma waifting across from the Bison Man's hot dogs cooking, and knowing I will see my friendly customers once more and I look forward to more stories.

Come and enjoy this wonderful atmosphere to take all your stress away.