Live life like Sarah Burke

January 29, 2012

Live life like Sarah Burke

Sarah Burke was considered a pioneer in the sport of Superpipe Skiing. Her dream was to become an Olympic Gold Medalist. She tirelessly lobbied for years to have a Women’s Superpose Skiing event added to the Winter Olympics and finally became successful when the IOC approved the inclusion of Freestyle Skiing in the upcoming 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

A week ago, 29 year old Burke passed away from a serious injury while training.

Sarah ate healthy, was fit, and lived in the moment. This tragedy is a stark reminder that we should cherish each moment of our life. Even though Sarah was not able to fulfill her dreams, she fulfilled the dreams of many other female athletes who have been waiting for an opportunity to participate in the Olympics.

She is an inspiration for everyone. We at Awake Cereals believe that one should live life like Sarah Burke and cherish every moment of it.