Omega Grains  

This is the original blend for Omega Grains. The benefits provide sustained energy, promote muscle strength, help with blood sugar regulation and are good for your gut. Quick and easy to prepare hot or cold. Versatile to use in place of oats in any recipe to increase fiber.

Chocolate Cranberry Cookies

Enhanced with prebiotic fibers. Any time of day, favorite midnight snack... This is voted as our customer's favorite recipe. I am often asked at the markets if this recipe can be tweaked. I always tell our customers that this is a very forgiving recipe so feel free to vary the flavor to your liking. You could add coconut, white chocolate, pecans, anything you like to it. It is so delicious and that, once you try this cookie i guarantee you, you'll be eating this because of the taste and not the health benefits


Peach Strawberry Crumble 

This delicious crumble makes a perfect addition to a brunch or to end a lovely meal. If peaches are not in season then can use canned, frozen thawed peaches. Just drain the peaches of excess juice before using them. I serve this topped with whipped cream, ice cream or yogurt.

Blueberry & Orange Smoothie

Refresh with a smoothie + morning, afternoon and evening. This smoothie has a nutty taste to it because of the flax seeds in the Omega Grains (r). When in a rush, I simply blend and pour it into my ‘to go drink container’ and sip it while I drive to work. This way, I don't waste time standing in line-ups to purchase one and I know exactly what is in my smoothie.


Maple Cranberry Muffins  

These Maple Cranberry Muffins are so delicious. Your family will love you when they wake up to freshly baked muffins in the morning. You can make the batter the night before. This will save you time the next morning. You can substitute the cranberries and walnuts with other nuts and fruit of your choice in this recipe.