High Fiber Crunch - 250 grams per bag sales are 12 per box and free shipping for 2 or more cases


Marilyn at Awake Cereals strongly believes in having a happy outlook, eating healthy food and exercising to embrace life.

This is the philosophy behind every bite of our High Fiber Crunch. We take pride in sourcing premium quality high fiber ingredients such as corn bran, psyllium husk fiber and inulin to formulate a crunchy ready-to-eat cereal which is very high in fiber.

Each 1/2 cup (30g) serving provides 18 grams of fiber - 72% of the daily value.

High Fiber Crunch promises an energetic start to your day. Enjoy with milk or your favorite beverage or yogurt for breakfast, or use as a topping on salad, ice cream, or use as an ingredient in baking to increase your daily fiber intake.

I wish you a happy and healthy life,


Ingredients: Corn bran, pea protein, psyllium husk fiber, cane sugar, corn starch, inulin, sodium bicarbonate, sea salt, 

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